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Have you accidentally deleted important files from your hard drive, your hard drive became corrupted, or you mistakenly formatted your drive losing all or some of your important data, files, and folders? Did your hard drive crash due to a power surge? Was your hard drive damaged due to flooding or fire? Hard drives, software and data storage systems fail, either from mechanical failure, natural disasters, computer viruses, data corruption or human error. Data recovery involves salvaging data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed, or wrecked primary storage media where data cannot be accessed normally using the operating system. In case of data disasters, the data is being salvaged from data storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, and other optical medias.

Data Recovery is not a service that you need every day, but when you do need it you want to know that the process will be handled professionally, by skilled Data Recovery specialists and that you will be kept in touch with the process at all stages. SkullCo Technology Solutions partners with leaders in the Data Recovery arena; specialists with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard-disk technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery