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Every website needs a home. Our webhosting plans run on the Windows 2003 Server platform and provide redundant power and backbone interfaces to ensure high reliability, as well as regular backups.

All plans support Active Server Pages, and include POP E-Mail service with a webmail interface, and detailed site statistics. For dynamic, database-driven systems, we offer plans including Microsoft SQL Server databases. All at a competitive price.

Our Datacenter:

Our state-of-the-art, government owned, datacenter located in Santa Ana, California boasts fully redundant power, Internet access, unsurpassed security services, and is designed to maximize our server uptime.

Key features of our network include:

  • Diverse connectivity through multiple tier-1 providers. Our carriers include AT&T/SBC, Time/Warner, and COX.
  • Typical backbone circuits: DS3 (45 mbps), OC3 (155 mbps), OC12 (620 mbps), OC48 (2.48 gbps).
  • Direct peering with our Los Angeles data center.
  • Engineered to greater than 3X-10X peak burst-able loads.
  • Fully meshed routing and switched architecture.


We utilize a premier power system designed to provide continuous, redundant, and protected AC or DC power to our servers. Built to N+1 redundancy, our datacenter has built unique power features into our infrastructure. These features protect against brownouts, blackouts, power spikes, and other electrical events.

Environmental Controls:

Our Orange County datacenter has deployed a flexible and redundant HVAC design that supports the cooling load required. The HVAC system maintains optimum temperature (65°F +/-2°F) and humidity levels. The air is also filtered continuously for contaminants. Our datacenter employs such strict standards to protect our equipment from excess wear and tear. This reduces the amount of resources needed for maintenance of overheated equipment, server replacement/upgrade downtime, and equipment cleaning.

Physical Security:

A comprehensive access and security policy protects all systems. These policies protect our servers from unnecessary downtime because of sabotage, unauthorized personnel accessing equipment, or unfortunate mishaps, such as tripping over wires and accidentally bumping servers.

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Website Hosting