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In your business:

If you have more than one computer in your office, you can maximize your hardware and software investment by networking them together. There is no question about the fact that a computer network pays for itself in additional productive time and lowered cost of doing business.

Networks can range in magnitude, and type. A local area network, commonly referred to as a LAN, describes the connection between two or more computers that can occur in the same room, different rooms, the wing of a building, or the entire complex. A wide area network, commonly referred to as a WAN, describes the connection between two or more computers at two or more separate sites, such as one or more offices to a central office.

Every business has different needs, from the most basic design to large corporate networks. Even the most basic network can save time and money - we can help design and install the solution that's right for you.

In your home:

Provide shared access to your printers and files. Connect all your computers to the Internet for one low cost by sharing your Internet connection.

Home networking is also about sharing multimedia and being able to enjoy it anytime and anywhere in your house. Some of the functionality includes listening to you digital music collection on a surround-sound speaker system, viewing your favorite photos on your television, playing multiplayer online games wirelessly on the latest gaming console, and even making long distance calls on the telephone using your high-speed Internet - for much less than traditional phone service.

Setting up a network in your home or office has never been easier or more affordable.